For Whom

For Office Worker

80% of health issues that office workers experience don’t originate from stress – as is often assumed – but from immobility! The office is a dangerous place for immobility-related ailments, particularly for the neck and shoulders. Elbow and forearm complaints, as well as pain in the hand or wrist, are also common. The musculoskeletal system is put under one-sided strain by office work, which usually takes place at a computer screen. In particular, frequent and prolonged sitting, bent over at the front, combined with excessive and incorrect use of the keyboard or mouse, can lead to chronic problems.

Cauce not Symptoms

Chiropractic does not treat symptoms but specifically and effectively seeks and eliminates the cause of discomfort, and this without surgery, medication, injections and side effects.

For a Healthy Body

Maintenance of your innate, self-healing power through professional Chiropractic adjustments: holistic health care for children, adolescents, adults or seniors.


The innate self-healing power is strengthened through gentle and precise adjustments. Your body receives help to help itself through chiropractic.

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